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Superior durability
High sealing
Good food preservation
Heat resistant and cold resistant
It has excellent impact resistance,is not easy to break when pressed or impacted,does not leave scratches,and can be used for life .
The incubator has high requirements for heat resistance and cold resistance,does not deform in high temperature water,and can even be disinfected with boiling water.
Different brand products have different sealing methods,but excellent sealing is a necessary condition for long-lasting preservation of memory food.
The high-quality incubator is 200 times lower than the moisture permeability of similar products,and it can keep things fresh for a longer time.
4major dangers
Why chooseKangJiebao
Established in 2005,Shanghai Kangjie Baoxin Materials Co.,Ltd.is located in Shanghai Caohejing High-tech Development Zone.It is an enterprise integrating R&D,production,sales and service.It is the first application in China.,hollow foam,full seamless rotomolding technology to produce food insulation and preservation box professional manufacturers.
The company has obtained 20 national patent technologies and was recognized as Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project (project number: 200005302).It has passed ISO-9001 certification and MA certification issued by Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine.The products conform to the World Health Organization food.
The products have been exported to all over the world and have successfully become the Beijing Olympic Games,Shanghai World Expo,Guangzhou Asian Games,Shenzhen Universiade,Shenyang Universiade,Nanjing Asian Youth Club and other large-scale events,as well as national high-speed rail,Sinopec,Shanghai Baosteel,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,etc.Professional catering service providers designated by well-known enterprises and institutions.
The main products are: incubator series,warming box series,insulated barrel series,turnover box series,delivery type series,hotel hotel special series,refrigerator series and accessory series.Kangjiebao series products have many functions such as heat preservation,preservation,safety,temperature increase,hygiene,health,convenience and environmental protection.
Professional customization
Quality assurance
Well-known brand

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